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Dear user:

In this unit of information, you will find a great amount of material that is not available anywhere else or that is difficult to consult, that is why, in order to avoid its deterioration or possible loss, we ask you to follow the next points:

  1. Go to the unit of information in optimal health conditions in order to avoid the contamination of the collections.
  2. Clean your hands and face before and after the consultation of the collections.
  3. Enter the Archive with gloves and mask since, for your own health, direct contact with the material is strictly forbidden.
  4. Do not introduce sharp objects, liquids or food to the area of consultation.
  5. Ask the authorized personnel for the material you want to consult for, even though you can see the shelves, only the person in charge can remove or put back the material in them.
  6. Consult or photograph a maximum of 3 copies after prior registration, leaving during the time of the consultation an official ID as guarantee.
  7. Avoid any kind of action that deforms the material (use of bookmarks, putting objects over the sheets for keeping the book open, folding the corners of the sheets to point a pause in the reading, opening the books by force).
  8. Do not write, cross out, stain or mistreat in any way the material. Remember that, no matter the size of the damage, there are fatal consequences in short and long term.
  9. Notify the person in charge of any damage the material may have.
  10. Keep order and be quiet in the consultation room.