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Historic Archive Development


The Modern Mexican Arquitecture  Archive and Visual Culture of Twenty Century  (arca.mex.xx), before called Modern Mexican Architecture Archive (Acronyms in Spanish AAMM), was born as a need to find new investigation ways, in order to recognize the importance  and the urgent to save, safeguard and protect many historic documents that contain information about important architecture and urban projects of Mexico. This company was developed in the seminar that is coordinated by the Dr. Enrique X. de Anda Alanís. It has the propose to stimulate the historic investigation and critic of the architecture, including now the visual culture field; at the same time has the commitment to help the students’ training of human mayors and as well as everybody interested in the art history.

The idea to realize a specialized repository in modern Mexican architecture was formed after a donation bailed to the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México of documents and personal libraries by the heirs of the architects: Domingo García Ramos, Enrique Guerrero Larrañaga y José Luís Cuevas Pietrasanta beginning in January of 2006.

So, initially the members of the seminar were proposed the task of investigating the documentary resources for its proper organization. Having the task of disseminating the content of each of the funds through various means such as the internet, in order to take advantage of the international impact that offers. Thanks to its use provides the user access to the information and it also contributes to the preservation of the originals. Since the nature of a digital file, as this project encourages dissemination and consultation of copies without the need of which the originals are manipulated.

In 2010 the arac.mex.xx launched a call to the interested general public lend or donate postal cards alluding to the theme of architecture and visual culture in Mexico, the response was very favorable, and the "postcards“ Fund was made after a selection process. Also during this period the Dr. Enrique X. de Anda Alanís joined this project their own documentary collections and with the passage of time has increased the number of funds that protects the file in greater quantity. At the end of the year 2013 we received in donation Fund of the architect José María Gutiérrez and in January of 2014 the delivery of the "Fund of cards postcards: Clara Uribe", made us both now awaiting receive treatment suitable for conservation and put on line.

The acquis which protects the arac.mex.xx currently has 16 documentary funds, divided into two rooms: the first, located at the Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas of UNAM and the second located in the personal study of the founder of the file.

Located at the Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas: background Domingo García Ramos, background Enrique Guerrero Larrañaga, Fund Jose Luis Cuevas Pietrasanta, background of slides Nezahualcoyotl Gomez, Fund postcards, fund safe Juan Gutierrez, background database of schools built by the CAPFCE in the period of 1944-1946, postcards "Clara Uribe" Fund and fund Jose Maria Gutierrez.

Located in the study of the Dr. Enrique X. de Anda Alanís: background file its national and international, Mexico Fund, Fund catalogues of exhibitions of art, architecture articles Fund, Fund collection of photographs of architecture and Visual culture, architecture slides Fund, Fund brochures and CDs Fund.


  1. Fund Domingo García Ramos
  2. Fund Enrique Guerrero Larrañaga
  3. Fund of slides Nezahualcoyotl Gomez
  4. Postcards’ Fund
  5. Fund Juan Segura Gutierrez
  6. Fund "Database of schools built by the CAPFCE in the period of 1944-1946".
  7. Postcards "Clara Uribe" Fund (on hold)
  8. Fund José María Gutiérrez (on hold)
  9. Fund of file the national and international newspaper
  10. Fund of the art exhibition catalogues
  11. Fund of the architecture (in review) articles
  12. Fund of the photographs of architecture and Visual Culture (in review)
  13. Fund of the slides of architecture (on hold)
  14. Fund of Mexico (in review)
  15. Fund library Miguel Lerdo de Tejada
  16. Fund "Planes of Ciudad Universitaria"